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In addition to the scheduled courses, we can deliver any of our courses on your premises. And, in this case, we will work with you to customise the course content and scenarios to suit your needs.  

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Risk, Control and Audit

Information systems (IS) are increasingly interconnected and, consequently, vulnerable. At the same time, the “insider” threat is as present as ever, making IS risk and control a top priority for all organisations. Our "Applied IS Risk, Control and Audit"™ courses are designed to provide a set of practical tools to auditors and various IS, Business and Risk professionals to better manage and mitigate the IS Risks. Find out more

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data is considered “the new oil”, yet it brings a substantial hype wave along. Acronyms or funny names are flying everywhere and are leaving everyone confused. Our "Simply Big Data™" courses are designed:

  • to provide an understanding of the Big Data landscape and to give a clear methodology to make an informed choice when selecting a solution, and
  • to develop an advanced set of skills in the areas of document databases (MongoDB) and Machine Learning (KNIME/Spark),  used in the workshop to design, develop and implement a working solution for a real-life problem.

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Cybercrime is an increasing concern and with the increased number of online interactions and transactions comes a substantially increased risk. And, small and medium enterprises are the most exposed, since very rarely they can afford the manpower required to mitigate these risks.
Our “Hands-on Cyber-safety™” series of courses is developed with non-technical user in mind, working in a small to medium organization. The courses’ goal is to provide a set of practical skills and methodologies, allowing all business users to become the “first line of defence” in the fight against cyber-threats. Find out more

"… The course was exactly what I was looking for. Mario is an excellent instructor with a lot of industry experience who eagerly shared his knowledge …"

~ David Massa, Sydney - Australia

"This was an excellent workshop with practical exercises and hands on material. I appreciate the scientific approach to explain Big data and it's applications.I now feel understand the whole picture of Big data and machine learning."

~ Montaser Mehyar, Jordan

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