Business Intelligence in Government and Large Enterprises


Program Overview

Business Intelligence is the process of analyzing data across the whole organization and presenting actionable information to a variety of stakeholders – C-level Executives, Board Directors, mid-level managers, team leaders and other professionals. Business Intelligence initiatives allow for easier sharing of information within an organization, faster access to relevant data and for decisions that are based on hard facts and data.
Amongst organisations that have implemented Business Intelligence, 43% report improved employee satisfaction, while 49% report better decision making [1]. At the same time, Self-Service Analytics and BI Users Will Produce More Analysis Than Data Scientists [2], thus making it an imperative for business users and managers to familiarize themselves with Business Intelligence.
In this program delegates will study the reasons for introducing Business Intelligence in their organization, what is Data Governance and Data Management, internal and external sources of data, perform exercises for pattern matching and analyzing datasets and prepare a Plan for a Business Intelligence proof-of-concept project.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, participants will:

Intended Audience

Program Level and Pre-requisites for Attending

Foundation level, no pre-requisites

Program Duration

2 days

Number of Attendees

Maximum 20 attendees

Training Methodology

A distinguishing feature of this program is its practical aspect and the gamification of content and delivery. At the end of each module there is a practical exercise designed to reinforce the concepts of the module and to give participants a chance to “get their hands dirty”. The exercises are either scenarios where participants work in groups or individual tasks executed within a specially prepared software environment.

At the same time, gamification is extensively used throughout all of the content. Small gaming activities, as well as an all-encompassing gamified storyline across all modules. The short, gamified activities include crosswords – based on the content; games like “Hangman” – using terms from the training program, etc. They are designed to reinforce learning, while simultaneously applying the principles of Neuropsychology and letting the brain rest every 15-20 mins for a short period of time.

A specific module of the program is devoted to creating a Big Data analytics pilot project, which the participants will be able to use as a blueprint in their teams for a real-life Big Data analytics initiative.

At the start of the course, each participant will receive a fully configured Virtual Machine that will be used for the practical work throughout the course. Participants will be allowed to keep the software after the course and use the software in their work.

Program Outline

Day 1

  • The enterprise imperative
  • The benefits of Business Intelligence
  • The building blocks of Business Intelligence
  • The Business Intelligence Process
  • The Wisdom of a Management Consultant
  • Organizational Intelligence
  • Group Discussion
  • Data Governance
  • Data Management
  • Group Discussion
  • Data Source Types
  • Trends and Approaches
  • Options for Data Acquisition and Integration
  • Practical Lab
  • Corporate Data Sources
  • Public Data Sources
  • Data Lakes vs Data Warehouses
  • Lab Activity – Acquiring Data from External Data Source

Day 2

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Good Visualization
  • Visualization and Reporting Tools
  • Practical Lab
  • Traditional Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Scenario – Machine Learning
  • Practical Work – Machine Learnin
  • Introduction and Definition
  • The Rise of Data-driven Organizations (DDO)
  • The Pitfalls
  • The Success Factors for DDOs
  • Group Discussion
  • Defining the Business Need
  • Discovering Necessary Data-sources
  • Establishing Required Resources/Expertise and Costing

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