Creating a Culture of Quality

Program Overview

This training program is designed to equip business professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to move their organizations along the Quality Culture Journey. During the program participants will understand ISO standardization and Benefits. Quality Management System has evolved drastically since the 1920’s until today. There are four main components; Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Improvement.

“As a guide, a recent study undertaken through the American Society for Quality (ASQ) showed that for every $1 spent on your QMS, you could expect to see an additional $6 in revenue, a $16 reduction in costs, and a $3 increase in profits. On average, they saw that quality management reduced costs by 4.8%.”

During the session, attendees will participate in scenario work and perform practical quality standards. This will allow for a better understanding of the topics and for better knowledge sharing among professionals from various regions and industries.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, participants will:

Intended Audience

Program Outline

  • Gamified Activity
  • Gamified Activity
  • Applications to Government and Private Industry
  • Gamified Activity
  • Practical Work
    • Business case review

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