How-To Present Ideas and Influence Decisions through Data

Program Overview

Data Science is not only for technical professionals! Data Science can be done by people from various backgrounds, such as Business, Commerce, Accounting, Audit and Risk, HR, Marketing, and Finance, to name just a few. The only needed thing is a desire to learn and develop your career further with new digital skills.

By using Data Science in your work, you will accelerate the innovation and productivity of your team and organisation. At the same time, your decision-making will become much better because you will rely on hard facts obtained from the data, and your intuition, developed over the years.

This training program seeks to give people from various non-technical backgrounds the initial skills and knowledge to start using Data Science in their everyday work. Its focus is on doing Data Science without any programming. Therefore, you will not be learning Python, Java, Scala or any other language. Instead, you will be doing Data Science in no time, using a business-friendly tool with a visual model and a well-defined process.

So, ask yourself today, “Do I want to join the Digital Future now?” Then, join us to start the journey!

Learning Outcomes

After attending this program you will be able to:

Intended Audience

Program Outline

  • The Need for Data Science (DS)
  • What is DS – Definition
  • Structure of the Session
  • Determine the Business Question
  • Get the Data
  • Prepare the Data
  • Analyse the Data
  • Answer the Question
  • Overview
  • Main Functionality
  • Demonstration – Creating a project and performing an analysis
  • Introduction and Characteristics
  • Case Study Review – HR
  • Introduction and Characteristics
  • Case Study Review
    • Fraud
    • Sales Performance
  • Q&A
  • Comments
  • End

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