The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Zoom
An In-Depth Guide for Government and Enterprises

Program Overview

We are entering the “new normal” way of living.


New normal means limited face to face meeting, events, and other gatherings that attract a lot of people. Majority of us want to adapt, be more resourceful and creative during this time. That being said, we should embrace technology and its maximum potential. We want to help you with that!


We know that you heard a lot about Zoom Video Conferencing – good and bad. We want to help you maximize the use of Zoom from beginning to end; run productive meetings and training; and show you how to secure your exclusive events.

What is the difference of this session to the other videos and tutorials you can watch outside? This is an interactive tutorial where each question you have will be answered right there and then. This session aims to guide individuals and organizations on how to utilize and maximize the use of Zoom, so they can still continue to share their passion and knowledge to others.

This is not a passive mode, listen-only training program. Join us and be prepare for a lot of practical work during the session and, naturally, lots of fun!

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, participants will:

Intended Audience

Program Level and Pre-requisites for Attending

Foundation level, no pre-requisites


Program Duration

  • Online – 1 session * 2:30 hrs 

Number of Attendees

Maximum 30 attendees


Training Methodology

A distinguishing feature of our programs is their practical aspect and the gamification of content and delivery. At the end of each module there is a practical exercise designed to reinforce the concepts of the module and to give participants a chance to “get their hands dirty”. The exercises are either scenarios where participants work in groups or individual tasks executed within a specially prepared software environment.

At the same time, gamification is extensively used throughout all of the content. The gamification is done on two levels: full course and individual modules. The full course gamification is based on a gamified storyline across all modules. It increases the levels of engagement, by introducing a mild competitive element, while providing consistent environment for participants.

On the other hand, small gaming activities are present in all modules. Examples include crosswords – based on the content; games like “Hangman” – using terms from the training program, etc. Their purpose is to reinforce learning, while simultaneously applying the principles of Neuropsychology and letting the brain rest every 15-20 mins for a short period of time. The 15-20-minute rests are key to efficient learning, since 20 minutes is the maximum the hippocampus, a part of the brain that takes in learning, can hold.

Program Outline

  • Using Zoom – the business rationale
  • Zoom subscription options – which one do you need
  • Overview of Zoom webinars
  • Scenario Work
  • Overview
  • Setting up registration options
  • Collecting various pieces of participant data
  • Creating and using templates
  • Setting recording options
  • Taking care of meeting security
  • Practical Work
  • Overview
  • Using waiting rooms
  • Setting up, entering and changing Breakout Rooms
  • Polls in Zoom
  • Screen sharing and related security considerations
  • Using a whiteboard
  • Using an iPhone/iPad as a whiteboard
  • Managing participants during the meeting
  • Practical Work
  • Overview
  • Accessing available reports
  • Managing and accessing available recordings
  • Obtaining poll results and registrant information
  • Practical Work

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