Welcome to our gamification corner! Gamification is one of the cornerstones of our training offerings. We believe that having a bit of fun and competition increases the level of engagement and retention.

On this page you will find all gamification activities included in our courses.

Enjoy! 🙂

Gamification – Applied Data Analytics in Risk, Control and Audit™

Drag the Words Game

Data Quantities Memory Game

Match the Terms to the Quantities. (*Hint: Match the colors)

DA_in RCA – 2.1

DA_in_RCA – 2.2

DA_in_RCA – 3.1

DA_in_RCA – 3.2 Planning for Standard Data Analytics

DA_in_RCA – 4.1 Benefits & Drawbacks of Advance Data Analytics

DA_in_RCA – 4.2 Planning

DA_in_RCA – 4.2 Benefits and Drawbacks (Part 2)


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