Analyzing Your Data With Advanced Power-BI Functions

Online Course


2 May 2021
2 May 2021
9:00 A.M. - 1:30 P.M (GMT+ 4:00)

Program Overview

This course will help the students in creating meaningful visualizations, converting raw data into meaningful and concrete information. They would be able to perform multiple tasks on any given data, like creating charts, graphs, geographic analysis using map features, KPI’s and many more.

The ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) operations can be augmented using M-Query or Power Query features of Power BI Desktop. The DAX functionality of Power-Bi leverages the users to perform complex operations on datasets, data wrangling and massaging the data for sharing through Power BI Service platform which is handy for key stakeholders in decision making.

Power BI provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities. Where end users can create reports, dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on any information from Reporting staff or database administrator.

Power BI is a straightforward tool; anyone can learn this who has a basic understanding of Excel. Learning Power BI is recommended for anyone who works with massive data and handles many reporting tasks regular basis.  Power BI is one of the leading Business intelligence tools, gaining more and more popularity because of it’s easy to access, sharing capabilities also it’s economical pricing.

During the session, attendees will be working on real time business scenarios and case studies, exclusively prepared for enhancing analytical, preparation of impactful visualizations, calculations, and logical thinking capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, participants will:

Intended Audience

Program Outline

  • Mquery
    • Exploring Power
    • Query Editor
    • Home Tab
    • Manage Columns
    • Reduce Rows and use First Rows as Headers
    • Sort and Filter
    • Split columns
    • Other Transform Activities – Group By
    • Merge Queries and Expand Table
    • Merge Queries with Group by and different types of joins
    • Append Queries
    • Append Three or more queries
    • Combining files
  • Transform/ Add Column – Text- Format
  • Merge Columns
  • Extract
  • Parse
  • Number statistics and standard
  • Column from Examples
  • Conditional Column
  • Resolving Errors from Conditional Columns
  • Index Column and Duplicate Column
  • If Then Else
  • Getting multiple datasets and connecting them together
  • Calculated Column
  • Basic Operators
  • AND, OR, NOT
  • First Date & Last Date
  • Start of the month, Year, quarter and End of the month, year, quarter
  • Previous and Next
  • DatesinPeriod
  • Difference between Dashboards and Reports
  • Manage tiles on dashboard, set mobile view, and other tilesoptions
  • Dashboard Options
  •  Pin a Live report on dashboard
  •  Use QnA Feature

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