Conflict Management

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23 Jul 2020
23 Jul 2020

For years, Large & Small Business Houses have struggled to manage conflicts within and without the organisation . Research shows that employee engagement & conflict management leads to improved business results, only 16% of employees experience the necessary conditions for engagement, such as “a clear sense of purpose, a commonly held notion of what’s valuable or important, feelings of psychological safety, and confidence about the future,” according to Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Good all in Harvard Business Review. Of course, better business results aren’t the only reason companies should focus on employee engagement & conflict management. It makes people’s lives better, not just their work, creating transformative results, but also dealing with day to day conflicts at work & home. “Great leaders Communicate GREAT” highlights the crucial factors of Communication, Growth, Recognition and Trust that underlie Conflict Management .

Conflict management training is about ensuring conflicts are managed quickly, professionally and with the minimum of negative emotions. All conflict managers need specific skills to help them properly manage conflict situations.

Conflict is in both Work & Life, something we all experience on a regular basis. Whether it is learning that your spouse has an entirely different kind of vacation in mind than you do or that your boss’s idea of your job differs from your own, conflict is simply an inevitable aspect of human relationships. As desirable as it might seem, there’s just no way to live a conflict-free life. This Program helps in dealing with different elements of conflict and how to manage them better.

This program is designed to allow senior managers, team leaders and frontline officers to understand the opportunities and imperatives in Conflict Management & Strategy. In addition, the attendees will understand  what are some of the critical success factors and potential roadblocks in the process of building a Robust Management Team in 21st Century.


Program Duration

75 minutes


Class Size

Maximum 90 attendees


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