Data Analytics in Risk, Control and Audit™

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11 Jun 2020
11 Jun 2020
Data Analytics is becoming more and more necessary as organisations are now looking at post-COVID-19 operations. Increased digitalisation, due to increased social distancing, like contactless payments, service and delivery during COVID-19 lockdowns, is requiring all professionals to change their approach to how they do their everyday work. With data analytics in place, audit and risk professionals can audit entire datasets, not just samples, and provide a much higher level of assurance and coverage.

In this session we will discuss the various types of data analytics and how they apply to audit and risk professionals. We will also look at the locations where necessary data resides, how to access it and how to use it for Data Analytics in Risk, Control and Audit™. Our focus will be on practical and easy to implement approaches that Audit and/or Risk organisational units can incorporate into their workflows within 6 months.

Program Duration

75 minutes


Class Size

Maximum 90 attendees


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