Daniel Newby

Daniel Newby

Control and Audit; Data Analytics; Risk

Paid pessimist – eternal optimist.
As a paid pessimist Daniel asks ‘so what’?
But as an eternal optimist wants to know ‘why not?’

Working in gaming, finance, government, and not-for-profit (Health) industries, Daniel has too much experience with under-utilised data and over-used jargon.

Having such varied experience, Daniel has the answer to questions most standard assurance programs don’t ask, and has developed solutions to problems many risk programs aren’t aware exist.

Daniel understands that data lives in a 4D world and many solutions only deliver a 2D view.

He has experience in assessing security risks, and securing environments from both internal and external threats.

Daniel understands that ICT is a piece in the puzzle, and not the panacea to all that ails business. In fact, he is of the belief that in some cases, relying on ICT may be the problem rather than the solution.

Daniel is the Audit Portfolio Manager – Change and Technology at Brisbane City Council and the ISACA Brisbane president.