Maria Trujillo - photo

María Isabel Trujillo Maya

Diversity in Enterprises; Employee Wellnes; Mental Health; Organisational Psychology

María assists different communities creating, envisioning and think over their goals and dreams in the future.
A Psychologist with a master degree in family therapy, highly recognized on training and human development in virtual and face to face projects and high academic background for understanding individuals, groups, corporate and cultural contexts.

María has over 7 years of experience developing strategies to improve mental health in communities of different
contexts. Also, the design, execution and development of 15 social projects in human development, addressed to several audiences.

Since 2016, she designs and execute an inclusion project, to help children, adolescents and teachers welcome the diversity in an elementary school.

In 2020, María focus on an entrepreneur that release webinars and contents of great value, with an excellent team from all around the world, Spanish Speakers, that steel operates today.